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A note about the structure of this blog

By Scott Tibbs, August 1, 2011

You have probably noticed that the structure of my writings is a jumbled mess. I've got blog archives on my home page going back to 2003 (and other assorted editorials going back to 1997) but the archives on ConservaTibbs.com only go back to the fall of 2009.

So, here is a little history to explain this.

I launched this blog on BlogSpot.com back in March of 2003, and there it stayed until January of 2006 when I moved to dedicated hosting. Over the next four years, I moved this blog several times between BlogSpot, manually "blogging" on my home page and experimenting with Nucleus and WordPress.

I moved around a lot trying to find the best place to host a blog and after all that moving and experimenting I am back to using Google's blog hosting service - which is right where I started all those years ago. If I had it to do all over again, I would have stayed with Blogger the entire time and never moved. Then all of the blog archives would be in one place, though the letters to the editor and opinion columns would still be on the home page.

What this means is everything older than the fall of 2009 is archived on my home page. All new posts to ConservaTibbs.com get cross-posted on the home page as well, though the current year's archive page is usually updated no more than once a week and sometimes even less frequently. Mostly, this is because I don't get around to updating it as often as I should.

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