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Animal rights extremists pretend to be "physicians"

By Scott Tibbs, July 29, 2011

The so-called "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" has rented billboards in Indianapolis urging people attending the Brickyard 400 to stay away from hot dogs because they are unhealthy.

First, let's cut away the spin and expose the truth. The PCRM is an "animal rights" group with a plethora of ties to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and has been funded by PETA in the past. Their holy war against hot dogs does not have one single thing to do with human health. This is only due to the fact that they believe eating meat is immoral. They are hippies pretending to be doctors.

Look, if you believe that eating meat is immoral, fine. I disagree with you, but you have the right to eat or not eat whatever you wish. You have also have the right to try to convince others to follow what you consider to be a "moral" diet that does not involve meat or animal products. Despite my disagreement with your religion (and it is a religion) I can respect your beliefs and the sincerity of those beliefs.

What I do not respect, however, are liars and frauds. When you shamelessly lie to me about your true intentions, I cannot respect your argument. It is impossible to have a rational discussion with a liar. If you want to be treated with respect, then behave in a manner that deserves respect. The PCRM deserves no respect whatsoever.

Second, the PCRM's so-called "study" is based on someone eating a hot dog every single day and the alleged increased risk of cancer caused by such dietary choices. But it is more than a little dishonest to take an extreme case and use it to condemn a popular treat. How many people actually eat a hot dog every single day? What are the risks (if any) of consuming an occasional hot dog instead?

I have consumed an average of about two or three hot dogs per year over the last twenty years. However, I am going to go to Naughty Dog this weekend. I will take a picture of whatever I order and send it to PCRM.