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Humiliation leads to character assasination

By Scott Tibbs, July 25, 2011

Last week on HeraldTimesOnline, Greg Travis posted the following (now deleted) comment in response to a story about a hate crime suspect. Travis serves on the Economic Development Commission as an appointee of the Monroe County Council and is the husband of failed county commissioner candidate Sophia Travis.

Then there's your friend, Scott Tibbs, who here on HTO has referred to Judaism as a "Doctrine of Devils."

Now, where exactly does this come from?

Back in May, I humiliated Greg Travis when he was posting outrageous lies about Biblical doctrine regarding eating meat. Travis claimed that Christian doctrine forbids eating meat, which is a lie. After I demonstrated how completely wrong he was, he posted the same foolishness on MobTalk.net and I humiliated him again. Unable to admit he was wrong, Travis posted the same foolishness on the Herald-Times website again, only to be proven wrong again. Because he is bitter about being embarrassed, Travis must try to defame me as an anti-Semite.

Let me clear up this foolishness. The Bible declares in 1 Timothy 4:1-4 that those who command others to abstain from meat are preaching a doctrine of devils. This statement was written by the Apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In case you didn't know, Paul was a Jew. Not only was Paul a Jew, he was a Pharisee who strictly adhered to the ceremonial Jewish law before his conversion to Christianity.

That's right, the Apostle Paul (who wrote the "anti-Semitic" statement) was a Jew.

Christians consider the Bible to be the Word of God. If 1 Timothy 4:1-4 (written by a Jew) is anti-Semitic, then every Christian on the planet is an anti-Semite for accepting the Bible as the Word of God. Is Travis claiming that all Christians are anti-Semites? This is something that failed County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis can expect to answer for should she run for office again in the future. Does she share her husband's view of Christianity?

The fact of the matter is that every single person who forbids eating meat as part of their religion is preaching a doctrine of devils. This includes People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (an organization Travis supports) and the blasphemous trash they post on their site. As a Christian, I will never back away from this absolute truth.

Greg Travis (husband of failed county commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) is a crybaby who fancies himself to be some sort of Avatar of Knowledge. His bloated ego cannot handle being proven wrong and embarrassed, so he is now obsessed with defaming and discrediting me. But because his basis for this character assassination is that I submit to the Bible, he is defaming all Christians.

Monroe County deserves better than to have someone on the Economic Development Commission who has this bigoted attitude toward Christians. The County Council should never have appointed him to this position of authority, and should remove him as soon as legally permissible.