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Molech worship - the god of modern America

By Scott Tibbs, July 4, 2011

In the ancient land of Caanan, a particularly wicked practice of the pagans was human sacrifice. They would take their infants and place them into a burning altar, sacrificing them to the "god" Molech. This practice is so horrifically evil that it did not even enter into the mind of God that people would do such a thing. (See Jeremiah 32:35.)

This practice was later adopted by some of the wicked kings of Israel and Judah, including Ahaz (2 Kings 16:1-3) and Manasseh (2 Kings 21:1-6.) This provoked the Lord to anger, and when Josiah became king of Judah (see 2 Kings 23:8-10) he destroyed the altars so that the infant sacrifice would stop.

We look back on this with shock that anyone would do such a thing. How can you watch your baby burn alive in some sort of ritual to some sort of evil god? We are so much more moral in America today, having abandoned the evil practices of the past. We are, by many accounts, the most Christian nation on earth. We are the beacon of liberty to the rest of the world. We sacrifice American treasure (and even American lives) on humanitarian missions.

But this "Christian" nation has seen 50 million children slaughtered in our "medical" clinics - children sacrificed to the gods of humanism and self determination. America's death toll is five times that of Nazi Germany.

As evil as Molech worship was, that evil was out in the open. In America, we hide our child sacrifice behind euphemisms like "reproductive choice" and describe the murder of unborn children as a "legal medical procedure" as if we were cutting out a tumor or donating a kidney. We hide behind lies and hypocrisy while our streets run red with the blood of our children. We drive by the abortion mill with no thought of the abominations that go on inside.

We make excuses for baby killers by saying that Planned Parenthood does many "good things" - as if that can wash away the blood spilled right here in Bloomington, Indiana every Thursday. We praise Planned Parenthood for screening for AIDS and cancer with one hand while they rip unborn children limb from limb with the other hand.

Today is the Fourth of July. Today, we celebrate our secession from the British Empire. But while America has done much good for the world, I am amazed that God has been so incredibly kind and generous toward our nation while we murder babies made in the image of God an average of 3,200 times every single day. As Americans, we need to repent of this terrible evil and ask God to forgive us for what we have done.