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Peggy Welch is not a terrorist

By Scott Tibbs, June 23, 2011

When the Bloomington City Council voted to give corporate welfare to baby killers last week, Monroe County Council member Sam Allison spoke in favor of the grant. In his comments, he referenced the crimes committed by fringe anti-abortion elements, and claimed that the pro-life movement "condones" bombings, assault and murder.

First, Sam Allison is a liar. The pro-life movement does not condone any of these things, and Allison knows it. The pro-life movement has been very clear that violence is not acceptable as a means to oppose abortion. After the assassination of abortionist Barnett Slepian, the American Life League and other pro-life groups issued a "pro-life proclamation against violence." Multiple pro-life groups condemned the murder of George Tiller in 2009.

Sam Allison knows all of this. Rather than address our opposition to funding Planned Parenthood on its merits, Allison chose to smear and defame. Instead of behaving like a respectable public servant, Allison decided to behave like an anonymous Internet troll. When Allison began his comments, he introduced himself as a member of the county council, so he was speaking in an official capacity.

The people of Monroe County and the Fourth District deserve better than this. It is shameful that a member if the county council would shamelessly lie about and smear his own constituents. Allison demonstrated that he does not have the integrity to serve on the county council. He should retract his despicable character assassination and apologize to the people of Monroe County for his behavior last week. Then he should resign from the county council so that a reasonable and mature adult can take his place.

The Democratic members of the Bloomington City Council, the Democratic members of the Monroe County Council, Democratic Mayor Mark Kruzan and the Democratic County Commissioners should repudiate Allison for his shameful rhetoric. If the Democratic Party is serious about making this a safe and civil community, they should denounce Allison's irresponsible remarks.

This is obviously a preview of how Allison will be voting should Planned Parenthood request another handout from the county council this fall.