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I write editorials for the Evansville Courier now? Really?

By Scott Tibbs, May 29, 2011

Last Sunday, the Evansville Courier wrote an editorial scolding the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization for not including Interstate 69 in its transportation plan. On Wednesday, the Bloomington Herald-Times reprinted the editorial. Here is a comment from an anonymous poster on HTO:

Seeing that this editorial was written by the infamous, Scott Tibbs lapdog liar for the Republican toadies- no wonder it has so many flaws.

Actually, Tibbs' Editorial is about as truthful as Scott Tibbs actually living the good Christian life. But at least it is entertaining and humurous since it exposes yet another one Tibbs distractions so he can amp up his pitiful blog and control his little world in the google search engine of is name.

The only good thing is that Tibbs embellished Andy Ruff's bully argument which most everyone in Bloomington agreed with. That is why Ruff and all the others were elected by sweeping majorities into office. They are now doing what they were elected to do.

Off course the Tibbster doesn't want to follow Federal guidelines because it does not fit his Agenda.

Federal Laws have been violated: 1) EIS for Sections 4,5, and 6 has not been completed. Federal Law dictates that that must be completed BEFORE work begins. 2)Revenue Stream to ensure completion of the project. To date after many requests NONE has been provided to the MPO.

How does these several Billion of dollars of wasted taxpayer money fit the fiscally conservative GOP Model? It Doesn't!

Governor, I-69 offers a deal
One could say an important Bloomington group has offered our avowedly budget-conscious state government a chance to save $400 million.

That's not exactly how the Daniels administration looks at the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization's decision not to include the extension of I-69 in its local plan.

The proposed 27-mile stretch from Crane to Bloomington, estimated to cost $400 million, is a key segment of the roughly $3 billion "new-terrain" route from Evansville to Indianapolis. Opposed by the city councils of Indianapolis, Bloomington and Martinsville, as well as thousands of petitioners concerned about property loss, environmental damage and sheer expense, the overall project has been accelerated by Gov. Mitch Daniels but will be far from completion when he leaves office at the end of next year.

Opponents argue there's still time to switch to a vastly cheaper, much less land-consuming route using existing U.S. 41 and I-70. While the state is having none of that, it faces tough questions as it persists with the new-terrain strategy.

If it fails to satisfy the Bloomington/Monroe County MPO's concerns about environmental and fiscal impact, the state may not be able to obtain federal funds needed for the Crane-Bloomington stretch.

Even if that hurdle is surmounted, the most problematic segment would remain. Funding has not been secured for the conversion of Ind. 37 from Bloomington to Indianapolis into the superhighway, and the formidable forces of opposition include not only tree-huggers and individual property owners but also state legislators and the Indianapolis Perry Township establishment. Tens of millions of dollars in property tax value would fall from the rolls with an I-69 link to the Southside area, whereas I-70 already supplies that hookup.
When the Star editorializes the very same poignant points made by Ruff and others at the recent MPO Meeting serious progress is being made. With I-69 Fast Track Mitch Daniels soon gone, with a Democratic Governor, I-69 can be stopped.

Republican City Councils in Martinsville and Indianapolis have voted NO Against the NAFTA I-69 Superhighway from being constructed as well as very conservative Republican Perry Township in Indianapolis for similiar reasons: No money to complete the project, pollution, environmental problems and congestion headaches, destruction of the character of their place, and a big waster of taxpayer monies- into the Billions of Dollars! I wonder why that is?

Once again it proves the already established fact not to take parrot Scott Tibbs seriously.

Source: Herald-Times Online.

I write staff editorials for the Evansville Courier? Really? I wish someone would have informed me of this, especially since I have already been writing editorials and did not even know it. I do not even recall applying for the job, but apparently I am already doing it. When am I going to get paid? Show me the money!

I suspect I have been infected with the Las Plagas from Resident Evil 4. Lord Saddler (a well known member of the CATABOLIC CABAL) must be controlling my mind. The evil Republican CATABOLIC CABAL has now turned on its own members, kidnapping me, infecting me with Las Plagas, brainwashing me and forcing me to write editorials supporting Interstate 69 without my knowledge or consent. This is shameful. How can I defend myself against this CATABOLIC CABAL?