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Honor God by obeying the law

By Scott Tibbs, April 27, 2011

Last week, I said that Republicans should stay in their own primary and not cross over to the Democratic primary in order to vote in the hotly contested race for Mayor between John Hamilton and incumbent Mark Kruzan. I believe the party nominations should be left to the voters of that party, without interference from the other party. I would support legislation to make Indiana's closed primary system enforceable.

For Christians who are also Republicans, there is a much more important reason to resist the temptation to jump to the Democratic primary. According to Indiana code IC 3-10-1-6, you are not supposed to vote in the primary of a political party unless you "voted for a majority of the regular nominees of the political party holding the primary election" in the last general election.

Romans chapter 13 is very clear that we are to obey the earthly authority God has placed over us. This means we are to obey the law, even if it is not enforceable. By honoring earthly authority, we honor God. This is why I took a Republican ballot when I voted on Thursday evening.

Furthermore, if I took a Democratic ballot, I would be declaring myself to be a Democrat. That is not true. It is a lie. That would make me a liar. I cannot in good conscience declare myself to be a Democrat in a very public manner when I have no intention of supporting Democratic candidates in the fall.

I understand there is a great deal of temptation to jump to the other primary because of the completely pathetic state of the Monroe County Republican Party and the nearly empty GOP field. It may be true that the Democratic primary is the de facto election for Mayor. But the law is clear, and as Christians we are commanded to obey the law.