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Cancer does not justify drive-by shootings

By Scott Tibbs, April 25, 2011

I am always amused when I see someone argue for abortion rights by saying God "is the most prolific abortionist of all."

Let's follow this argument to its logical conclusion.

First, every single person who on earth has ever lived has died or will die, without exception. The vast majority die from natural causes, such as old age, cancer, heart disease, viral infections and so on. Therefore, they were "murdered" by God.

Since God has "murdered" all of these people, then drive by shootings must be OK! I mean, why can't I take an AK-47 and start mowing people down on Kirkwood Avenue? God "murders" people every single day, so there must be nothing wrong with murder.

Abortion-rights advocates think they are being "cute" with this argument, but anyone who examines it thoughtfully will rightly see it as foolishness. Natural spontaneous miscarriages do not justify abortion any more than cancer justifies drive-by shootings.

Either the fetus is a human being and should be protected, or he/she is not. That is the fundamental question that needs to be answered.