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Turnout down at Tea Party rally, Leftists disrupt anyway

By Scott Tibbs, April 18, 2011

The threat of rain, cold weather and the Little 500 weekend all contributed to a poor turnout at the 2011 Tea Party rally in downtown Bloomington, significantly down from the 2009 and 2010 rallies. The rally also was not as heavily promoted as in past years. Nonetheless, a couple Leftists were determined to disrupt the rally.

One Leftist in a red sweatshirt walked up behind the second speaker and stood within a couple inches of him with his arms raised in an impersonation of Richard Nixon. If I pulled the same stunt at a pro-choice rally, I would be arrested and thrown into jail faster than you can say "disturbing the peace."

The red-shirted Leftist later teamed up with another Leftist to shout down the speakers. They clearly rattled the IU College Republicans president, who was trying to continue his remarks despite the rude and disrespectful attempt to shout him down and disrupt the rally. Predictably, they claimed "free speech" in their right to disrupt.

This is simply unacceptable, folks. There are plenty of opportunities to engage and discuss the merits of the Tea Party's objections to government spending without trying to disrupt the rally and shout down the speakers. The two Leftists who disrupted the rally had no interest in discussion or the exchange of ideas. They were only interested in preventing the Tea Party Patriots from exercising our free speech rights. Shameful.

Tea Party Patriots gather at the Showers Building

Spencer Leiter explains the purpose of the rally

This Leftist did everything he could to disrupt the rally

Trying to shout down the speaker

Leftists were determined to disrupt the rally

Another Leftist trying to shout down the speaker

Trying to shout down the speaker

Leftists team up to shout down the speaker

Leftists team up to shout down the speaker