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Opposing abortion in a moral and legal manner

By Scott Tibbs, April 13, 2011

I believe abortion is murder. Because of this, I have been involved in the anti-abortion movement for the better part of the last 15 years. The fact that 50 million unborn babies have been murdered in the United States alone since 1973 is an incredible moral tragedy and a crime against humanity. When faced with this bloodshed, how should we react? On HeraldTimesOnline.com I was asked the following question:

I assume you're doing everything in your power, including the use of deadly force, to stop this mass murder? Or are you a completely immoral coward?

Setting aside the fact that the "question" is completely intellectually dishonest, would it be appropriate for abortion opponents to use lethal force to stop abortion?

The answer is a resounding and uncompromising "no."

First of all, abortion is "legal" thanks to a damnable Supreme Court decision that threw out laws against abortion in all 50 states. Abortion should be a crime under our legal system, but it is not. God has placed the sword into the hands of the civil authority, not vigilantes or terrorists. (See Romans 13.) Because of this, killing abortionists would fall under the prohibition against murder in Exodus 20:13.

In 1 Samuel 24:8-13, David is being pursued by the wicked King Saul, who was trying to murder him out of petty jealousy. David had the opportunity to kill Saul and end the persecution he faced, but David was a man of faith and refused to harm the Lord's anointed. It is clear that God takes authority very seriously, and we are to respect the authority that He established on earth.

The purpose of the pro-life movement is to advance a life-affirming culture as opposed to the brutality that surrounds us. Engaging in terrorism to stop abortion is not morally justifiable. Instead, it reduces us to the same level of barbarism that we oppose. Abortion must be opposed, but it must be opposed by peaceful, legal means.

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