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Defunding Planned Parenthood is a moral imperative.

By Scott Tibbs, March 11, 2011

The opening of the Indiana Daily Student article on the demonstration in Indianapolis supporting Planned Parenthood was informative, in that a PP supporter made the best argument for defunding the baby-killing organization:

Rachael Richter was 15 years old when she visited the Planned Parenthood in her hometown, Ithaca, N.Y., for the first time. It was the IU junior’s second time having sex, and the condom broke. Rachael’s boyfriend was out of town soon after the fact.

Rachael hadn’t told her parents yet. Her body tensed as she put on jeans and a T-shirt. Rachael called her best friend, who came over right away. Planned Parenthood was within walking distance of her house.

In the Planned Parenthood waiting room, Rachael filled out forms about her medical history. Though Rachael’s parents always stressed the importance of body and health awareness, it was the first time she’d ever taken herself to a health facility.

Rachael got Plan B One-Step free of charge. Plan B is the emergency contraceptive designed for mornings after situations like these.

Richter's story is a perfect example of why Planned Parenthood should not get one penny from the taxpayers.

According to the Indiana Code, the age of consent in Indiana is 16 years old. If Richter's partner was 18 years old, he was committing a Class C felony. If he was 21 years old, he was committing a Class B felony. (The age of her boyfriend is not listed.) Without her parents' knowledge or consent, Planned Parenthood gave an abortafacient drug to a 15-year-old girl. Depending on the age of her boyfriend, they might have been conspiring to cover up a felony.

Planned Parenthood is a thoroughly corrupt criminal enterprise. The fact that they have murdered 332,000 babies in 2009 alone is more than enough reason to stop the flow of taxpayer money to them. But while they are breaking God's law by committing mass murder, they are not breaking man's law. Abortion, evil as it is, remains legal in all 50 states under our perverse legal system.

Planned Parenthood has taken it farther, to the point that they are actually assisting felony child abuse. Live Action has caught Planned Parenthood on many occasions covering up and enabling felony child abuse.

It is time to end the flow of tax money to Planned Parenthood. It is time for Peggy Welch, Democratic state representative from Bloomington, to stand by her pro-life principles and work with the Republican majority in the Indiana House to eliminate all state funding for Planned Parenthood. If Leftists want to support this damnable organization, they should do so out of their own pockets.