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Planned Parenthood: A thoroughly corrupt criminal enterprise

By Scott Tibbs, February 7, 2011

It should not be a surprise that Live Action caught Planned Parenthood engaging in criminal behavior again. After all, Live Action has caught PP in these behaviors many times, including right here in Bloomington, Indiana. As you may recall, a Live Action sting operation caught a Bloomington PP employee on video trying to cover up the sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl by a 31 year old man.

More to the point, Planned Parenthood kills babies by dismemberment for profit. This is an organization that bases its entire business model on mass murder. Given the blood on their hands, are we then surprised that Planned Parenthood would overlook prostitution and the sexual abuse of children? Would we be shocked to see a corrupt corporate executive who raided millions in employee pensions steal a pack of gum from a gas station?

Planned Parenthood is a thoroughly corrupt criminal enterprise. When PP came to the Bloomington City Council and the Monroe County Council for a handout last year, they admitted on their application that they would be using that money to give contraceptives to 13 year old girls. It is a felony in the state of Indiana for anyone to have sex with a child 13 or younger, so why would 13 year old girls need contraceptives? The answer is simple: by preventing pregnancy, sexual predators can hide their abuse. A pregnancy is prima facie evidence of a felony.

Even though Planned Parenthood admitted in advance what they will be doing, the Democrats on both bodies voted unanimously to give them a handout anyway. It is not a stretch, then, to say that the Monroe County Democratic Party is the party of child abuse.

A number of people have been pleading with city government to stop giving tax money to abortionists for the last decade. Even when Planned Parenthood is openly admitting that they intend to use tax money to subsidize felonies, they got the money anyway. And even worse, the Democrats who control county government have joined city Democrats in subsidizing this damnable organization. It is clear that this is going to continue.

This depravity needs to stop, and if the Monroe County Democratic Party is beyond shame - even to the point of openly subsidizing child abuse - they will need to be stopped by someone else. The state legislature should pass legislation making it illegal for local government to fund with tax dollars any organization that performs abortions. The people of Bloomington and Monroe County have been overrun by the extreme Leftists in local government for too long and the state legislature should step in and give us relief.