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No constitutional authority to fund family planning

Printed in the Indianapolis Star, April 13, 2011

To the editor:

John R. Nusbaum asks in his April 4 letter what other organization will step in and provide the "services" that Planned Parenthood provides? Why should that be the criteria? Supporters of PP always bring up the "other services" but that simply cannot wash the blood off this organization's hands.

Furthermore, why must the federal government fund Planned Parenthood? What Constitutional authority does the federal government have to fund PP or any "family planning" organization? The answer is simple: Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress granted this authority.

Given the multiple sex abuse scandals exposed on video by Live Action Films, why should we be forced to fund an organization that knowingly covers up the sexual abuse of underage girls? As you recall, the "clinics" in Indianapolis and Bloomington have both been caught on tape engaging in this abominable behavior.

It is interesting that Nusbaum chides abortion opponents for clinging to "religious dogma." I admit that the reason I am anti-abortion is because I am a Christian. I want to see abortion outlawed for the same reason that I support laws against murdering people who are already born. Life begins when sperm and egg join to create a new human being. That is not religious dogma. That is scientific fact.

Finally, regarding artificial contraception, the problem with some of the chemical "birth control" methods (such as the pill) is they actually act as an abortafacient by preventing the newly formed person from attaching to the wall of the uterus. Even Planned Parenthood has admitted this on their web site.

Scott Tibbs.