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Prescriptions for pseudoephedrine won't stop meth

Printed in the Herald-Times, April 1, 2011

To the editor:

Some state legislators urge making pseudoephedrine prescription-only to reduce methamphetamine use.

The problem here is that stupid people will always find stupid and dangerous ways to get high. Some people get high on compressed air used to clean electronics, some people get high by snorting bath salts of all things, and some people "cook" pseudoephedrine along with other highly toxic ingredients and use that to get high - assuming the idiots do not blow themselves up while making it.

In and of itself, pseudoephedrine is a perfectly safe and effective means of suppressing cold symptoms so that people can function until their bodies naturally fight it off.

Unfortunately, because some fools are misusing the product, nanny state ninnies are seeking to restrict everyone's liberty and our health care choices. They propose we clutter doctors' offices with unnecessary visits to get a product we should be able to buy off the shelf.

Consider that "Indiana State Police estimate that 80 percent of the illegal meth in Indiana comes from Mexico." (Herald-Times, 12/12/2010.) Making pseudoephedrine prescription-only will not solve the problem!

It is offensive that a "Republican" (Rep. Rebecca Kubacki) is leading this effort. Republicans are supposed to be for limited government.

Scott Tibbs.