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With government money comes government strings

Printed in the Herald-Times, February 25, 2011

To the editor:

Governor Daniels proposes to allow parents to use vouchers to send their children to any school of their choice, including private or religious schools. The idea is that it would encourage competition and allow students to be placed into the school that best fits their needs so they can get the best education possible. This sounds good on paper, but life often does not go as we plan.

The primary reason I oppose vouchers is the fact that with government money comes government strings. When private schools get tax-funded vouchers, will "separation of church and state" be invoked to prevent students using vouchers from attending chapel services or Bible classes? Will it be mandated that science and history textbooks be from a secular perspective?

What happens if the government attempts to force Christian schools to hire homosexuals, atheists or Muslims? What happens when schools that make investments or hire staff because of the influx of government money must now choose between their faith and those funds?

I graduated from a Christian high school in 1992, and I am very thankful for that opportunity. I do not want to see today's youth lose the opportunity I had through meddling by government.

Scott Tibbs.