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What I choose to take for my cold is none of your business!

By Scott Tibbs, December 17, 2010

Eighty Percent of the illegal meth in Indiana comes from Mexico, according to estimates from the Indiana State Police.

Eighty Percent!

So to crack down on twenty percent of meth use, "Republican" Rebecca Kubacki is proposing a law that would require a prescription for cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine. She is going to force me to:

  1. Go to the doctor's office.

  2. Take time away from work.

  3. Clog up my doctor's time with a completely unnecessary visit.

  4. Take attention away from people who legitimately need to see the doctor.

  5. Cost my insurance company money.

  6. Drive up insurance rates in the process.

  7. Line my doctor's pockets with this corporate welfare mandate.

This is all because a busybody nanny state ninny wants to "do something" to crack down on 20% of meth use with a law that will do absolutely nothing to stop eighty percent of meth use in Indiana.

This woman obviously learned absolutely nothing from the conservative revolution last month. She clearly missed the memo, which read "Stay out of my life and my wallet." She needs to be thrown out of office. What I choose to take for my cold is none of your business, Representative Kubacki!

I am fed up with politicians who feel the need to "do something" and restrict my liberty because some people are stupid. There will always be stupid people who do stupid things, whether it is getting high on condensed air used for cleaning electronics, overdosing on Tylenol or using Sudafed to make meth. It is wrong to restrict the liberty of those who have committed no crime and use pseudoephedrine properly because a small minority of people are stupid.

In justifying this intrusive and unnecessary law, Kubacki said "Kids will be hurt, there will be a crisis, and we'll say, why aren't we doing something?" As I said regarding the sobriety checkpoints, "do something" should not be the default. We should not seek to "do something" every time we have a problem in society, because that "something" could be worse than the problem itself. When government is taking away more of our liberties, that is always a bad thing. Frankly, I am much more afraid of my government than I am afraid of meth users - and with good reason.

The fact that it is a "Republican" who is proposing this abominable legislation adds insult to injury. When a "Republican" is getting this involved with a decision that should be between me and my pharmacy of choice, for a drug that poses absolutely no risk when used properly and has been approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sales, she's acting in a manner that is as anti-conservative as you can get. To me, that makes her a RINO. She needs to stay out of my life and stop meddling in my personal health care decisions.