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Baron Hill is still a hypocrite

By Scott Tibbs, December 8, 2010

Back in October, I pointed out that Baron Hill was a complete hypocrite when he was whining and crying that there is "too much money in politics." After all, this is the same man who took $2.15 million in donations in 2008, compared to $1 million for his opponent. It gets better. According to the Herald-Times, Hill outspent Todd Young $2.15 million to $1.94 million. That's not nearly as large as the difference in 2008, but the key statistic is below:

Of the $2.15 million Hill raised throughout the campaign, $1.18 million came from his political party and other political committees and about $890,000 was contributed by individuals.

Of the $1.94 million Young raised, about $220,000 came from his political party and other political committees and $1.72 million was raised through individual donations.


There's too much money in politics Baron? Really? Is that why you loaded up your campaign war chest with PAC money while Todd Young collected much more in individual contributions? Hill's margin of defeat shouldn't be surprising looking at these numbers. After all, Young's fundraising indicated he had much more grassroots support.

After the last two campaigns, I hope no one takes Hill seriously the next time he starts whining about money in politics. Republicans should not hesitate to point out just how much of a hypocrite Baron Hill is.