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Airport security screenings

By Scott Tibbs, November 23, 2010

A man who warned an airport security screener not to "touch my junk" has become a national celebrity, capturing the frustration of many people (including Hostage Hoosier of Hoosier Access) who object to the invasive security procedures - especially sensitive pat-down techniques - in airports.

Matthew Tully makes a good point in the Indianapolis Star: don't take it out on the security personnel. They are not the ones setting the policy. They are simply trying to do their job. It is not productive to berate, curse at or assault security personnel. If you want to do something, boycott flying entirely rather than trying to be disruptive. We should not be making these people's lives any more stressful than they need to be, especially during the holidays.

Instead, write a scathing letter to your Congressman or Senator, and also protest with the President and the Department of Homeland Security. Demand that elected officials tone down the intensity of the screenings and hold them accountable in elections if they do not. Volunteer for candidates who believe the government is going too far. Write letters to the editor, call talk radio programs and generally make a fuss about it in the arena of ideas. If elected officials think they will lose their power, they will generally listen to public outcry.

But let's not get carried away with ourselves and let's not take it out on airport security screeners.