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Pro-abortion terrorist tries to censor GAP

By Scott Tibbs, November 11, 2010

On Election Day last week, a pro-abortion terrorist who identified himself/herself/itself to police as "Terrence" jumped the barricades of a Genocide Awareness Project display at IPFW and assaulted a GAP volunteer, and started tearing apart the display until he/she/it was arrested. Watch the video and laugh out loud when the police officer asks the skirt-wearing terrorist "you're a male, right?"

Is the word "terrorist" too strong? The answer is no. A terrorist is someone who uses violence to coerce others into doing things his way. That is most certainly what the IPFW "student" was doing when he/she/it used violence to suppress political speech he did not like. The difference between "Terrence" and the Islamic terrorists who threatened to murder cartoonists who draw the "prophet" Mohammed is one of degree, not substance.

What GAP does is present the truth about abortion through photographs of aborted babies. Terrence the Terrorist wants to censor this message, because he/she/it does not want people to know what really happens in an abortion. By censoring the message of GAP, Terrence the Terrorist helps the abortion industry perpetuate the lie that the unborn are not human beings. After all, it is easier to slaughter a the most defenseless among us if we hide the truth about who they are.

"Terrence" demonstrates why GAP is effective. The pictures cut through the arguments about abortion in away that nothing else can. The anger and rage - and, often, the acts of violence - that we see in response to GAP is because abortion advocates are forced to admit exactly what it is that they support. I have seen minds changed as a result of the graphic photographs. Many women have decided they could not go through with an abortion after what they saw in those photographs. Small wonder the obscenely profitable abortion industry hates those pictures so much!

I call upon the Capital Care Network, which operates an abortion facility in Fort Wayne, to not only denounce this act of violence but to name it as an act of terrorism. Capital Care Network should demonstrate that it is committed to peaceful, civil discussion and debate about abortion by making it clear that acts of terrorism are unacceptable and inexcusable. No matter how fervently we disagree on the issue of abortion, violence can never be tolerated.