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Take your "party unity" and shove it!

By Scott Tibbs, November 4, 2010

One of the things that has come out of this election is that it has exposed that "party unity" is a fraud. Republican "moderates" often demand that conservatives get in line and support moderates when they win the primary, but that only applies when it benefits the "moderates." When Christine O'Donnell won in Delaware, petulant "moderates" immediately started blathering about refusing to support her. Had Castle won and O'Donnell supporters said the same thing about him, "moderates" would have thrown a temper tantrum.

In Florida and Alaska, it was even worse. Charlie Crist knew he was going to lose the Republican primary, so he decided to petulantly abandon his party and monkeywrench Marco Rubio's campaign by running as an independent. So much for "party unity" there. In Alaska, spoiled, petulant sore loser Lisa Murkowski decided to run as a write-in candidate after Republican primary voters decided to throw her out of office. Imagine the screeching and wailing that the Murkowski camp would have done if Joe Miller had lost and did the same thing.

Even when conservatives support the party, it is not enough for the "moderates". As I pointed out early last year, I played the good soldier in the 2007 city elections and endorsed Republican David Sabbagh, despite the fact that he is a Leftist. Even though I embraced the "party unity" the malcontents claim to desire, those very same malcontents continued to spread malicious personal gossip about me, bitterly attack me personally, and even resorted to threatening me and trying to blackmail me into silence. They failed.

So, once again, I have had it. I have absolutely no interest in "party unity" with a bunch of malcontents and hypocrites who would not lower themselves to support a conservative when we defeat them in primary elections. You can take your "party unity" and shove it.