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Book Review: Man vs. Lust

By Scott Tibbs, September 13, 2010

ClearNote Press recently published its first book, a Man vs. Lust by David Canfield. (ISBN 978-0-9843514-0-4) David is an elder at Church of the Good Shepherd in Bloomington, Indiana. This book is a quick read at 68 pages, but it is a must read for any man - especially for teenagers and men in their 20's.

Any single Christian man should pay attention to chapter four. Canfield addresses a common error in perspective: the question of "how far" a man can go with his girlfriend before it becomes sin. As Dave points out, this type of question - sadly typical of how far too many Christians view our lives - completely misses the point. The question is not how close to the boundary you can get. The question is how a Believer best honors Jesus Christ.

The reason this book is important is because sexual immorality is so rampant in today's culture. Advertisers use sex to sell everything, from soft drinks and hamburgers to automobiles and clothes. Hard core pornography is available to anyone with a connection to the Internet, and even high school students are producing amateur porn by sending explicit photos to each other's cell phones. Our society is saturated with Satan's perversion of God's gift of sex.

When this excellent book becomes publicly available, I will post a link.