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McCain, not Palin, was the failed candidate in 2008

By Scott Tibbs, August 19, 2010

A headline at MSNBC.com proclaims Sarah Palin went "from failed candidate to political star" after the 2008 Presidential election. The opening paragraph underlines that point:

Sarah Palin has converted a failed run for the vice presidency into a job, more or less, as a driving force for American ultraconservatism and its manifestation in the nationwide tea party movement.

One would think that the 2008 election was a referendum on Palin, or that she was the one leading the ticket. It is as if Senator John McCain was not even relevant to the election results.

Of course, that's not the case.

John McCain was the Republican nominee for President. The 2008 election was a choice between McCain and Barack Obama. A number of people were fed up with President Bush and Democrats were energized at the prospect of electing Obama. McCain served to demoralize the Republican base, which was not at all enthusiastic about a candidate with a weak record on abortion and a horrible record on free speech. Furthermore, McCain opposed tax cuts, supports for amnesty for illegal aliens and supports embryonic stem cell research.

Republicans did what the "moderates" in the party wanted and we nominated a candidate who based his campaign on his willingness to cross the isle. We were rewarded with an embarrassing loss where the Democratic candidate got a majority (as opposed to a plurality) of the popular vote for the first time since Jimmy Carter did so in 1976.

MSNBC can spin the 2008 election as much as they want, but the truth is obvious.

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