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There is no need for obscenities in the newspaper

By Scott Tibbs, August 17, 2010

Regarding Yahya Chaudhry's August 12 column, why does the IDS feel it necessary to publish the "F word" in the newspaper? There was no reason to publish the full obscenity other than shock value. It could have easily been censored. Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. The IDS published articles on March 25 (twice), April 1, April 19, April 25, April 30 and May 3 containing the obscenity - and that is just in 2010.

It is not "hip" or "edgy" or "cool" to publish obscenities in the newspaper. It is juvenile.

Many (though not all) writers for the IDS are people who hope to make a career in journalism. If a potential future employer is considering hiring you as a reporter, how do you think it will affect your chances to get the job if the HR manager finds you have used obscenities in your articles for the college newspaper? Do you think it will make it more or less likely that you will be hired?

Publishing obscenities in the campus newspaper reflects badly on the columnist, the editors, and the university as a whole. This isn't some silly fraternity publication or scavenger hunt. This is an opinion column in one of the most prestigious college newspapers in the country. Please think more carefully about what you publish before you publish it.