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Why Elena Kagan is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court

By Scott Tibbs, July 6, 2010

Fast forward to about 2:20 and watch this surreal exchange.

Hatch: "Did you write that memo?"

Kagan: "The document is certainly in my handwriting."

This is truly amazing. Elena Kagan is so incredibly dishonest that she will not even explicitly admit that she wrote a memo about partial-birth abortion in the 1990's. This exchange by itself is evidence that Kagan is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court. If you cannot even muster the integrity to admit that you wrote a memo that is clearly in your handwriting then you have a serious problem with character.

Rush Limbaugh has been pounding the point that Kagan is hiding who she really is, because if she admits her true agenda she has no chance of being confirmed. This video is the exclamation point on that. As soon as she was nominated, I called Richard Lugar's office and strongly encouraged him to vote "no" on the Kagan nomination.

There were serious concerns during the Republican primary about whether or not Dan Coats (who voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg) is a legitimate conservative. Coats won with a plurality, after John Hostettler and Marlin Stutzman split the conservative vote. If Coats wants to reassure Hoosiers that he is a legitimate conservative, a clear and unwavering statement that he opposes the Kagan nomination would be an excellent way to do it.