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Associated Press "reporter" Aoife White is a liar

By Scott Tibbs, June 28, 2010

As .xxx comes closer to being available as a top-level domain, Associated Press "reporter" Aoife White makes a brazenly false statement to open her article.

It may soon be easier to block Internet porn: The agency that controls domain names said Friday it will consider adding .xxx to the list of suffixes people and companies can pick when establishing their identities online.


Pardon the "all caps" response above, but lies such as this infuriate me. So-called "reporter" Aoife White knows this is a false statement. She even admits in her third paragraph that porn sites will not be forced into a .xxx "ghetto" and few (if any) will willingly give up their existing domain names. White's employment should have been terminated the moment she turned in this anti-factual article.

The reality is that .xxx will not make it easier to block internet pornography. It will simply give porn sites an opportunity to market themselves using a new top-level domain. It is estimated that half of all Internet traffic is to porn sites. Do you really think that all of those sites are going to move? Would it be enforceable even if it is a goal?

Of all of the arguments for and against creating a top level domain for "adult" entertainment, this is one that should never be spoken because it is so obviously false. Of the people making this argument, 99.9% know it is false. The point of this post is not even about the top-level domain, though it is a terrible idea.

The point of this post is that if we're going to debate issues such as this, then the debate should be based on honesty and truth. The news media should not perpetuate statements that everyone knows are false, and White's opening paragraph was a blatant, brazen, bold-faced lie. It should never have been published.