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Another politician commits adultery

By Scott Tibbs, May 21, 2010

Mark Souder is the latest politician to destroy his career - and possibly his family - by committing adultery. Rumors had been circulating about Souder's adultery, but were not confirmed until Souder publicly admitted betraying his wife and announced he would resign from Congress.

Let's not mince words here. What Mark Souder did was evil. He sinned against God and betrayed his wife. He shattered the trust that voters in northeast Indiana placed in him not only by committing adultery, but by committing adultery with a member of his staff. This raises huge ethical concerns, because of the power imbalance involved.

Nonetheless, I am impressed with his manliness and humility now that this has been discovered. Souder's reaction reveals his character, his heart and his faith.

Souder did not shake his finger and proclaim "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." He did not pass the buck about "a series of failures" and shift blame to others.

Instead, Souder stood up like a man, said he sinned against God and his family, and announced he would resign within a few days. He did not bring his family on stage with him like most politicians do when they are admitting adultery. He said this is his failure and his alone and he should bear the shame alone.

It is not easy to stand up and admit your own failings, especially in such a public way. It takes a man to do that, something refreshing in a culture of boys. It is obvious that Souder is truly repentant.

Mark Souder is a Christian, and all Christians fail in some way. Sometimes, we fail in spectacular ways. While we are commanded to remain pure, our salvation does not require that believers do not sin. That is simply not possible. Christianity requires confessing your sin and relying on the shed blood of Jesus Christ to provide forgiveness. It's easy to judge Mark Souder, but not so easy to recognize our own failings.(See Galatians 6:1.)

Souder did the right thing by stepping down from Congress. We should all pray for him that the Holy Spirit gives him the strength to remain pure and that he and his family are comforted during this difficult time.