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The anti-Semitism of the animal "rights" movement

By Scott Tibbs, May 17, 2010

On April 29, a letter to the editor hysterically proclaimed a sarcastic solution to the urban deer problem: "why not round all the deer up, and send them to the concentration camp in Linton? "

A concentration camp? Really?

Everyone instinctively knows that "concentration camp" is a reference to the Holocaust.

Anne Binninger intentionally and knowingly used Nazi imagery to equate the relocation of wild animals to the systematic murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others by an incredibly evil regime. The cold, calculating and efficient manner in which the Nazis confined the Jews to ghettos, and then rounded them, up and slaughtered them in the camps like some sort of assembly line demonstrates how incredibly evil the Nazi regime was. It is one of the reasons I am thankful that a holy and righteous God provides for eternal damnation in Hell.

First, let's recognize the reality of the deer problem in Bloomington. Overpopulation of deer is leading to increasing confrontations with humans, including a family pet getting trampled to death by an aggressive deer in front of the owner, and another deer that smashing through a window into someone's home. In both incidents, it was blind luck that no humans were hurt.

I've had a couple close encounters. A few months ago, I was standing face-to-face with a large buck about 15 years away, prompting me to carefully back up and get into the safety of my home. Later, my Beagle mix Nano was barking at a deer on the other side of our fence before he was quickly moved indoors. That deer could have easily hopped the fence and killed my dog. Urban deer present a challenge to drivers as well, risking property damage, serious injuries and possibly even fatalities. We're not talking about simply having a few flower gardens ruined.

Whether the deer population is reduced by killing some of them or whether some deer are captured and relocated, comparing this to the Nazi Holocaust represents a sickening level of anti-Semitism. This community is seeking a solution to benefit both the deer and safeguard the lives, pets and property of humans. Comparing this to genocide is undeniably racist and unworthy of civil discourse.

This is par for the course for animal-rights extremists waging a jihad for the earth "goddess" Gaia. Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals once proclaimed that "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," demonstrating that she believes humans (who were made in the image of God) are no more valuable than animals. Newkirk is the kind of person the Bible condemns, someone who "changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever." (Romans 1:25)

Repent, Ms. Newkirk. The fires of Hell are waiting if you do not.