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Bud Bernitt slams rival candidate Kristi Risk

By Scott Tibbs, May 3, 2010

Bud Bernitt, Republican candidate for Congress in the 8th District, has slammed rival Kristi Risk several times in the last couple weeks over flip flopping on the Iraq war. Follwing are three press releases sent by the Bernitt campaign.

Press Release #1

April 21, 2010

Candidate Kristi Risk has shown a disturbing tendency to play fast and loose with the facts. Can we trust another politician that will do or say anything to get elected?

When the 8th District candidates debated in Washington, Indiana, Risk claimed that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were "unconstitutional" and said that she would vote to defund both wars if elected to the House.

Later, in Evansville, she changed her position saying that yes she would vote to fund both wars. "She did a John Kerry flip flop," says Republican candidate Bud Bernitt.

"We need a solid Republican who will support our troops," said Bernitt. "We don't need to worry about whether Risk will be siding with Barack Obama against our service members at any given time."

Bernitt said that the wars are constitutional, because the Constitution is not specific on what constitutes a declaration of war, leaving it in the hands of Congress. "Congress authorized the use of force which is sufficient," Bernitt said.

Risk has made many other misleading statements. She has said repeatedly that she lives on a farm, but actually has a couple acres, a goat, in a residential subdivision.

The covenants and restrictions in her subdivision allows for up to three dogs and three cats and no other animals. "How can we believe Risk when she says she will read 2000 page bills when she is apparently not reading a couple of pages of the covenants and restrictions in her own subdivision?"

"If she can change her tune according to her audience and misrepresent facts about minor issues, how can she be trusted on the important matters, said Bernitt.

Press Release #2

April 27, 2010

"I am disappointed in fellow candidate Kristi Risk," says candidate Bud Bernitt. Last week Bernitt criticized Ms. Risk for her flip flops on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. At a debate in Daviess County, Ms. Risk was the only candidate to say she would vote to cut off the funds for our troops. The Washington (Indiana) Times-Herald said, "On the war on terror, all but Risk were supportive of the troops." Later, in Evansville, she changed her position saying that yes she would vote to fund both wars.

She now even denies ever saying she would defund the troops. But audio of the Daviess County debate shows Risk not only said she would defund the troops, she went as far as to say that the war in Afghanistan, from where the 9/11 attacks were launched, irritates the terrorists and implies we should appease them and that our troops are causing the terrorists to attack us. These disturbing comments are the same as liberal talking points. No wonder Risk continues to deny and misrepresent her recorded statements.

Risk also continues to insist that she lives on a farm while she actually lives in a residential subdivision which prohibits farm animals. The covenants and restrictions in her subdivision allows for up to three dogs and three cats and no other animals. No matter what you call it, it's not a farm. Risk is still, apparently, willing to say anything to get elected, and to change what she tells the voters depending on how the wind blows. Do we need another politician who says one thing and does another, who misrepresents themselves, and who will say anything to get to Washington, D.C.?

Bernitt said, "For over 10 years, I have fought dishonest and corrupt politicians, even at the expense of death threats and other intimidation tactics. But the truth is the truth, and the voters need to know the truth about the extremist views of this candidate."

Press Release #3

May 1, 2010

Republican candidate Bud Bernitt took the extraordinary step today of calling for Kristi Risk to step aside as a candidate for Congress.

"Ms. Risk took the extremist position that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are 'unconstitutional' and said she would vote to defund both wars," Bernitt said. "That puts her to the left of Barack Obama."

"Worse, she lied about her position," Bernitt added. "She was forced to admit at a later debate that she had indeed used that extremist language."

After Risk admitted her "John Kerry flip-flop," she explained that she had been approached by voters and changed her position later that very same evening!

This raises questions of character and experience, Bernitt said.

"What does Kristi Risk believe? Is she to the left of Obama or does she support the troops? This is disturbing and it shows she is not ready for prime time," Bernitt said. "She is looking more and more like a politician who did not read the bills, who will say anything to get elected, who will twist and distort the facts on national security."

"I'm tired of dishonesty in politics," Bernitt said. "It is time for her to step aside in favor of principled conservatives who will stand up to Barack Obama rather than repeat liberal talking points used by MoveOn, the crazy '9-11 Truthers' and Code Pink."

In addition to the campaign site, you can also follow Bernitt's campaign on Twitter and Facebook.