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Abortion, racism and civil rights

By Scott Tibbs, February 18, 2010

Abortions in
Monroe County
"What happens to the mind of a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of person and what kind of a society will we have twenty years hence if life can be taken so casually? It is that question, the question of our attitude, our value system and our mind set with regard to the nature and worth of life itself that is the central question confronting mankind. Failure to answer that question affirmatively may leave us with a hell right here on earth" Jesse Jackson

When Bloomington celebrated Martin Luther King Day, we honored a man who gave his life to defending the oppressed against the injustice of racial discrimination. Dr. King dedicated his life to opposing injustice, and his courage changed the course of history and inspired many to carry on his torch. In the 1970's, Jesse Jackson understood that defending the oppressed meant defending the life of the unborn, before he sold his soul for political expediency.

How ironic is it, then, that Jesse Jackson gave the keynote speech for the King Day celebrations in Bloomington, having long since abandoned standing up for the oppressed, and the 50 million unborn babies who have been slaughtered under the protection of federal law since 1973? While we pat ourselves on the back for being an evolved and enlightened city that embraces racial diversity and opposes racial intolerance, we ignore the fact that we have an abortion mill operating just a few blocks from the county courthouse.

According to Planned Parenthood of Indiana, 28.9% of abortions in Indiana in 2005 were performed on black women. It is worth noting that in 2008, blacks represented 9.1% of Indiana's population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This means that the black population of Indiana is being decimated by the abortion industry.

The hypocrisy is obvious. How can we pretend to be enlightened on racial issues when black children are being aborted at such a high rate? How can we claim to stand against oppression when an average of more than 14 murders are taking place every week on South College Avenue, and the people committing the murders are protected by law and funded by our tax dollars through handouts from city and county government?

If we are serious about standing for the oppressed, the first and primary goal should be driving the abortuary on South College Avenue out of business, and holding our elected representatives accountable when they give our tax dollars to a "clinic" where children are murdered each week.