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Tim Tebow ad "controversy" - much ado about nothing

By Scott Tibbs, February 11, 2010

In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, feminist groups became increasingly hysterical with a planned advertisement by Focus on the Family, which featured Pam Tebow and her son Tim. Mrs. Tebow was advised to abort her pregnancy due to health complications, but decided to proceed and her son became a Heisman trophy winner. The Feminist Majority urged their e-mail list to contact CBS and demand the ad be pulled, with hysterical claims such as:

This is an opportunity to bring people together and should not be used to tear them apart. Especially at this time, with the trial of Dr. George Tiller’s murderer fresh in everyone’s mind, airing an anti-abortion advertisement to a massive audience is both unwise and potentially dangerous.

Think about that for a minute. The FM is actually claiming that the Tebow ad could encourage anti-abortion terrorism and invokes the murder of infamous abortionist George Tiller last summer.

It turns out that the "controversial" advertisement does not even mention abortion, as Mrs. Tebow speaks very generically about hardships, how she still worries about her son and how special he is to her. The Feminist Majority managed to make themselves look like fools with their increasingly hysterical screeching about this commercial, given that it turned out to be little more than video glurge.

In the early days of his radio program, Rush Limbaugh used the term "feminazis" to describe feminists who wanted to see as many abortions take place as possible and become enraged when women were talked out of having an abortion. Many people laughed at Limbaugh and said no one is pro-abortion. But the temper tantrums from the Feminist Majority and the National Organization for Women about a commercial featuring a women who made a choice of her own free will to have her baby demonstrate that there are people who are actively pro-abortion.

Clearly, CBS has the legal right to run or refuse any advertisement that is proposed. Had CBS decided not to air the Tebow ad, I would have supported their right to do so. it is telling that feminazis were obsessed with getting the ad censored. What exactly is threatening about a woman sharing her story about how she decided not to have an abortion? What is divisive about Pam Tebow telling her story, either in a commercial or on a Web site? How does this ad fuel hatred or encourage terrorism?

Focus on the family scored big with their commercial. The hysterical reaction from FM and NOW, as well as the Leftist blogosphere and news media coverage, brought the Tebow ad much more notoriety than would have been the case had the Left not been whining about it for weeks. NOW attempted to declare victory in a message to their e-mail list this week, but they lost and lost big.