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Vote for Tibbs in 2010

By Scott Tibbs, January 18, 2010

I downloaded my candidate form and I am anxiously awaiting Wednesday, when the filing begins for the 2010 election. I'm not running for office this year, but I will be running for delegate to state convention. I have won twice and lost three times in delegate races, winning in 2002 and 2006 and losing in 2000, 2004 and 2008. I might have won in 2004 had I ran in my district instead of trying my hand at the one delegate spot selected county-wide in a three-way contest against Kathy Ellington and John Shean. I finished with 15% of the vote.

This is by far the toughest of the three districts to win because we have a lot of big names here. It's not unrealistic that I could slide in by claiming one of the last two or three spots, though. Todd Rokita will be forced out of office by term limits, so we will be picking our candidate to be the next secretary of state. With the excitement of the "tea parties" and the enthusiasm to oppose Barack Obama, the convention should be very exciting this year. I hope that I win.

2008 Delegate Results

WinnerNameTotal Votes
WPat Jeffries1,309
WJeff Ellington1,265
WHope Ellington1,043
WDoug Bruce987
WJim Billingsley966
WRandy May946
WSteven R. Hogan906
WMark Freeman860
WFranklin Andrew851
WBrad Freeman781
WJohn M. Arnold720
WLes Compton701
WJacob Franklin656
WAnna Ivey629
LBenjamin Blair582
LNick Ivey580
LSuzann M. Owen502
LScott C. Tibbs490
LJessica Merkel440
LMatt Wolf415
LClint Merkel388
LJoshua Patrick Kelley367
LChristopher D. Noel307
LJohn Warkentin299
LNicole Wieber288
LGreg Knott239
LNets Hawk Katz177
LPatrick K. Mcaleer166
LCalvin Tussey162