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More shameful corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Printed in the Herald-Times, November 29, 2010

To the Editor:

The Monroe County Council gave $5,000 to Planned Parenthood last month. Geoff McKim, Jill Lesh, Warren Henegar and Vic Kelson voted in favor of this corporate welfare. Julie Thomas recused herself because she is on Planned Parenthood's board of directors. Councilors Newmann and Hawk were not present for the vote.

In its most recent fiscal report, Planned Parenthood reported over $1 billion in revenue and an organization-wide profit of $85 million. PP clearly does not need a $5,000 grant from county government.

The social services funding committee had about $250,000 in requests for funding, and about $95,000 to distribute. Giving $5,000 to an organization that does not need it and is swimming in cash is a slap in the face to the other organizations. McKim, Lesh, Henegar and Kelson should be ashamed of themselves.

When Planned Parenthood asked city government for a handout for the same program, PP claimed "it is estimated that 14,930 women between ages of 13 and 44 are in need of publicly-funded contraceptives." Why do 13 year olds need contraceptives? The Indiana Code (IC 35-42-4-3) is clear that any sexual contact with a 13 year old is a felony.

Why is the County Council funding felonies?

Scott Tibbs.

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