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Funding for abortion in health care "reform"

By Scott Tibbs, December 21, 2009

(Hat tip: Hoosier Access.) IUPUI professor Sheila Suess Kennedy posted the following rant on her Facebook page regarding the debate over covering abortion in the health care "reform" bill being considered by Congress:

I agree with this post, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I hope there really IS a hell, and that people like Joe Lieberman and that Nebraska Senator who would prefer that existing people die in order to prevent the aborting of potential people rot there forever.

And a screenshot of the post:

Obviously, Kennedy and I disagree on what constitutes a "person" and where life begins. But for those who believe the unborn are persons, it is obvious why we would take every effort to at the very least oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, if not criminalize abortion outright. For those of us who believe the unborn are human beings created in the image of God, the wholesale slaughter of 50 million babies by surgical abortion since 1973 is a horribly evil thing.

On her blog, Kennedy complains that she "absolutely" did not "suggest that all anti-choice advocates would rot in hell." In all fairness, that is true. There are abortion opponents who would have supported health care "reform" without the Stupak amendment. But protesting that she did not include all abortion opponents with that statement glosses over the fact that her statement lumps tens of millions of abortion opponents into the group she hopes rot in Hell forever.

When health care "reform" passed the house after the Stupak compromise brought along enough "blue dog" Democrats to allow it to pass, abortion rights advocates screeched that this was an unprecedented restriction on the "right" to choose abortion. That's just silly, in addition to being intellectually dishonest. Not one single woman is going to be prevented from having an abortion under Stupak who does not already have the ability to hire a "doctor" to kill her baby by dismemberment for profit. What passed is a ban on federal tax money being used to pay for an abortion.

I have no doubts that, eventually, health care "reform" will include government paying for abortion if it is passed by the House and Senate and signed by President Obama. It may not be included in the first version signed into law, as a political compromise necessary to get it passed. But abortion rights advocates will find a way to get abortion covered eventually, even if it takes a few years after health care "reform" becomes law. Leftists are masters at getting what they want through incrementalism. That foot in the door is one more reason to oppose Obamacare.