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Scott and veterans: another Leftist smear refuted

By Scott Tibbs, November 12, 2009

For the past month and a half, local Leftists have been trying to smear me as anti-veteran because of a comment I made attacking an anonymous coward who posts under the pseudonym "VietVet" on mobtalk.net and claims to be a Vietnam veteran. Of course, when someone who hides behind a pseudonym makes a claim about himself/herself/itself, it has little credibility. After all, I could post under a pseudonym and claim to be a World War II veteran, but that is quite obviously impossible since I was not even born until decades after World War II.

So allow me to clarify the record. I respect the service of all veterans, automatically. This is a subset of my belief that all people should automatically be given respect. My belief is that respect is given, not earned. However, it is possible to lose that respect through dishonorable behavior, including outright lies and character assassination. People who engage in despicable behavior lose my respect, no matter who they are and no matter what they have done.

First, here are the "objectionable" posts that Leftists have been crying about for the past month and a half.

So tell me, are you really a Vietnam veteran? If so, it's no wonder we lost that war. It makes me sick to think someone like you served in the military, especially during wartime. I don't respect your service and never will, because you are nothing but a sub-human puddle of slime and filth.
The truth is, It does make me sick to think someone like sniveling coward behind the "VietVet" username served in the military, especially during wartime. It nauseates me to think that this sub-human puddle of slime and filth was representing my country in its armed forces. I don't respect his/her/its service and never will.

Here is my response to the "instant message" question that was published in the newspaper, sharing appreciation for veterans in honor of Veterans Day. When this was published, my Leftist critics threw a temper tantrum.

To those veterans who served honorably and conduct themselves in an honorable and respectable manner, thank you for your service. We are free today because of the sacrifices you made. We need to understand that we must defend our liberty against encroachment by government to truly honor your service.

"VietVet" clearly does not conduct himself/herself/itself in an honorable and respectable manner, so his/her/its phantom service is clearly not worthy of respect. "VietVet" has posted numerous lies and fabrications about me, attempting to defame my character. "VietVet" posted a libelous attack on my former employment which was quickly deleted by the forum administrators. He/she/it posted a libelous fabrication accusing Jeff Sagarin of stealing records from the county courthouse in the "secret sidewalk" case, accusing Sagarin of theft, fraud and perjury. At some point, it would not surprise me to see "VietVet" cross the wrong line and his/her/its name will be public record in a libel lawsuit.

Some of the outright fabrications posted by "VietVet" are as follows:

On Sep 28, 2009 at 7:32 pm, "VietVet" claimed that I supported an inexcusable event where children were indoctrinated to sing praises to FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I never did this. The claim is a fabrication.

Sep 21, 2009 at 10:03 pm, "VietVet" claimed that I defended a tasteless and ill-considered joke by Roy Blunt that "you have to play the ball where the monkey throws it." I never did this. The claim is a fabrication. What I did was explain that the statement was a joke. Anyone who is an adult can easily understand that something was meant to be a joke while thinking the joke itself is unfunny, lame or offensive.

On Mon Sep 21, 2009 at 8:57 am, "VietVet" claimed that I have excused the despicable behavior of Newt Gingrich in leaving his wife for another woman while she was dying of cancer. I never did this. The claim is a fabrication. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. On Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:22 am, I said "Newt had committed grossly immoral acts in the past." On Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:54 am I said "What Newt did was wrong, sinful and immoral."

"VietVet" has been obsessed with me for three years, following me around mobtalk.net, personally attacking me at every opportunity and posting outright fabrications about me. His/her/its character assassination is well-documented, made all the more despicable because he/she/it hides behind a fake name like a sniveling, spineless coward. I retaliated in kind. I do not regret what I said, other than I wish I had been much nastier. There will be no apology.

"VietVet" is not real. He/she/it does not exist. He/she/it is an Internet persona, a fictional character created by a spineless, sniveling coward who doesn't have the integrity to put his real name on his posts. When I personally attack "VietVet" there is no harm because "VietVet" is less than nothing. He/she/it is troll and hyperpartisan political hack who hides behind a phony soldier persona on the Internet.

Finally, I do not believe in groupthink. I do not see people as part of a overall group. I see people as individuals. I do not believe that someone automatically gets a pass on despicable behavior because he/she/it is part of some privileged group. I have no respect for the anonymous coward "VietVet" as an individual. This is not an attack on all veterans. If disrespect for one person is evidence of bias against a group that person belongs to, every Democrat who attacked Clarence Thomas would be a virulent racist. Because of the outright fabrications, libelous character assassination and shameless lies posted by this sniveling, spineless coward, I have absolutely no respect for him/her/it, or for his/her/its phantom "military service."

The Leftists trying to smear me as "anti-veteran" do not see individuals when they look at people,. They see groups, and a criticism of one person is an attack on the entire group. This is not only foolishness and stupidity, it is an insult to the very rugged individualism that our veterans have defended around the world. A criticism of one internet crank who claims to be a veteran while hiding behind a pseudonym like a sniveling, spineless coward - in direct retaliation to multiple shameless lies, outright fabrications and libelous character assassination - is in no way an attack on all veterans. And that, my dear readers, is absolute truth.