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One more reason to root against the Colts

By Scott Tibbs, October 21, 2009

I did not need another reason to root against the Indianapolis Colts, the team best known for fleecing taxpayers to build a new stadium. I have no problem with owners and players making as much money as they can. I want to see them prosper as much as possible, but not by having government forcibly confiscate money from taxpayers.

CNN's Anderson Cooper reported on October 14 that "Colts owner Jim Irsay said he would vote against a bid that involved (Rush) Limbaugh." Since word of his involvement in a group to buy the St. Louis Rams was leaked, Limbaugh has been subject to a national smear campaign, including completely fabricated quotes about slavery and Martin Luther King repeated by a national news media that is too lazy or corrupt to check the facts. I was offended to see Irsay join the lynch mob.

The NFL reinstated and is paying a huge salary to a savage who horribly abused dogs for his depraved enjoyment. As the owner of two Beagle mixes, that offends me. It is pure hypocrisy to deny a controversial political figure the opportunity to hold a non-voting stake in a team but employ a felon like Michael Vick.