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The 2008 Rally for Life

By Scott Tibbs, January 21, 2008

Nearly 200 people braved the bitter cold yesterday to make a firm statement to the community, state and nation: killing unborn children is terribly wicked and needs to stop. Organized by Monroe County Right to Life and the Pro-Life Committee of Church of the Good Shepherd, the 2008 Rally for Life drew 195 people.

David Talcott opened the rally by explaining why we come to the county courthouse lawn every January to sadly remember the nearly 50 million unborn children who have been killed by America's abortion industry since the Supreme Court threw out state laws against abortion in 1973. As Christians, we have an obligation to be an advocate for those who have no voice of their own.

After Tina Tuley-Lampke shared tremendous news of progress at the Crisis Pregnancy Center (including a commitment by a local resident to pay off the mortgage for the CPC and Hannah House) Pastor David Curell shared the story of a niece who became pregnant and went to a specialist to discuss how to deal with the pregnancy given her medical condition. Specialist after specialist recommended an abortion on the grounds that the baby would have health problems, and she finally found a specialist who did not. The baby is now three months old and perfectly healthy. Curell pointed out that as Christians, we have a duty to say "no" to abortion within the church and within the culture. He also exhorted the crowd to live godly lives so that the Lord's name would not be blasphemed among unbelievers. (Romans 2:17-24)

This is a deeply important moral issue not only for the nation, but for Bloomington and Monroe County as well. One local pro-life activist researched the abortion statistics for Monroe County and found the following disturbing numbers:

  • 2005 - 676 abortions
  • 2004 - 775 abortions
  • 2003 - 784 abortions
  • 2002 - 753 abortions
  • 2001 - 825 abortions
  • 2000 - 784 abortions

How many people in Bloomington and Monroe County have any idea that an average of 766 abortions have been performed here every year for the past 6 years? Do most people realize that an average of 14.7 babies have been killed per week in Bloomington over that 6-year period? Given these shocking numbers, how can the Bloomington City Council justify subsidy after subsidy to the local Planned Parenthood branch, which runs an abortion clinic on South College Avenue? Is forcing city taxpayers to subsidize an abortion clinic a "pro-choice" thing to do?

It is easy to feel isolated as an abortion opponent in Bloomington, Indiana, but the Rally for Life is an encouraging way to begin the year. Congratulations to the men and women who planned, advertised and executed the 2008 Rally for Life. It is encouraging to see policy makers there as well. Following is a thank you note I sent to State Representative Peggy Welch, D-Bloomington.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 2008 Rally for Life
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 16:18:08 -0500
From: Scott C. Tibbs <tibbs1973@yahoo.com>
To: R60@IN.gov

Representative Welch,

Thank you very much for braving the bitter cold to attend today's Rally for Life. It means a lot to have a legislator there, especially given your record of looking past partisan loyalty toward what is right: protecting the unborn. You have been a consistent presence at the rally for years and your support for human rights is valuable. I appreciate your efforts and attendance today.

Scott Tibbs

Pro-Life activists witness to the community about abortion.

The 2008 Rally for Life drew 195 people.

People listen as David Talcott explains why we are here.

A sign proclaims the truth.

The numbers say it all.