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More on the sex abuse scandal at Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, December 11, 2008

A number of Leftists are complaining about the sting operation conducted by Lila Rose of Live Action Films at the Bloomington Planned Parenthood. The words "lie", "fraud", "liar" and "deceit" are popping up all over comment sections and forum threads.

First, we have to keep the sting in perspective. What is worse, the LAF "deception" or covering up the sexual abuse of a 13 year old, girl? This Planned Parenthood employee acted as an accessory to child abuse. For a Planned Parenthood employee to send a 13 year old girl out of state to get an abortion and to cover up sexual abuse by a 31 year old man is sick and depraved.

Some have complained that I called the incident a "sex abuse scandal." I called it a "sex abuse scandal" because that is exactly what this is. That Rose is actually 20 years old and that there was no sexual intercourse or pregnancy is irrelevant - the video shows that the "nurse" clearly believes Rose is 13 years old and instructs her to claim the father is closer to her age instead of 31. As I said two days ago, It is difficult to believe that an incident like this takes place out of thin air. It is unlikely that this was an isolated incident.

I applaud Lila Rose for her courage in going undercover and exposing Planned Parenthood's evil practices. In fact, Rose is doing what the police should be doing. As Mike Adams said in his December 8 column, law enforcement should "run stings on local offices of nationwide networks when there is credible evidence that they are engaging in complicity with statutory rape."

She has done this before, but her courage has not come without a price. Planned Parenthood in California threatened Rose with civil action for recording the conversation with Planned Parenthood staff. This is just sick. Planned Parenthood gets caught serving as an accessory to sexual abuse and they actually threaten to punish the young woman who exposed their behavior. An honorable organization would not retaliate when these deeds are exposed. An honorable organization would seek to reform itself so this does not happen again.

But we all know Planned Parenthood is not honorable. After all, Planned Parenthood kills babies by dismemberment for profit.

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