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Skewed priorities on Olympics protest

By Scott Tibbs, March 28, 2008

Several people protested the ceremony of lighting the Olympic torch, drawing condemnation but also bringing attention to the terrible human rights record of the host country, Communist China. Lampis Nikolaou of the International Olympic Committee was pathetically whining and crying about the protest shortly afterward, and the Greek government denounced it. These people have some serious problems with perspective, as well as a blindness to their own moral failings.

First, I am not sure how the Olympics could be considered "sacred" after the infamous vote-trading scandal in 2002, where a thoroughly corrupt French "judge" traded her vote for a favorable vote for the French team in another event. The reaction to this scandal, giving two gold medals for the event, was completely spineless and destroyed the credibility of the Olympic Games. Afterward, I joked that professional wrestling should be added as an Olympic event, and would actually have more credibility than figure skating. After all, at least professional wrestling promoters admit that their match results are predetermined.

If Nikolaou is so worried about the "sacred" nature of the Olympics, then why is he not loudly condemning the decision to host the games in Communist China? Should a "sacred" event be used to honor a brutal dictatorship? China will benefit greatly from having the Olympics hosted in Beijing. Will history view the decision to host the Olympics in Red China the same way history views holding the Olympics in Nazi Germany?

While he was whining and crying about the protest, Nikolaou called it a "disgrace" and squealed that the protesters should express their differences with China "in their own countries." Whether the IOC wants to admit it or not, they are honoring butchers and murderers by hosting the games in Communist China. The IOC, including Nikolaou, are disrespecting the spirit of peace and international cooperation that the Olympic Games represent. Had the IOC not chosen to hold the games in Communist China, there would be no reason to protest the Olympics.

Well, no reason other than to demand that the IOC restore the credibility of the Olympic Games by banning France from participating, that is.