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Nano gets busted!

By Scott Tibbs, March 27, 2008

I was about to have my dinner the other day, when I went outside to check on Tera, who was laying in the sun. I came back inside, and there was tomato sauce on the tablecloth. This didn't make any sense, because I had not set it down carelessly, and it had not been there before. It took me a second to figure out what had happened.

At this point, I called for Nano, who was hiding under the kitchen table. There was tomato sauce on his face. He had stood up on the chair and was helping himself to my dinner while I was outside. He must have scampered under the table when he heard me coming up the stairs on the back deck. He was hiding because he knew he had done wrong.

He almost got away with it too. I would have never known he was eating my dinner had he not made a mess, because I didn't catch him in the act.

The difference between Nano and Tera is that if Nano is caught with something he knows he is not supposed to have, he will drop it. Tera will start eating faster because she knows you are going to take it away from her. I guess I will have to put food in a location that is less reachable.