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Christians and politics

By Scott Tibbs, February 27, 2008

After David's affair with Bathsheba, God sent the prophet Nathan to rebuke David for the sins of adultery and murder. David was the king of Israel, entrusted with authority by God, but that did not stop Nathan from rebuking him and pronouncing God's judgment for sin. We see a similar situation in Mark 16:16-20, where John the Baptist publicly rebukes the wicked ruler Herod for taking his own brother's wife. The prophets of God rebuked the wicked king of Judah in II Kings 21:10-16. We see throughout the book of Judges that the servants of God would deliver the children of Israel when their neighbors were oppressing them.

In each instance, the servants of God stood up to the ruling authority and proclaimed the truth of God's Word. Sometimes the rulers responded in an appropriate manner, as David did when he repented of his sin. Other times, the rulers did not respond appropriately, as we see in the account of Herod having John beheaded. But God's people have consistently spoke up for what is right throughout the Bible. Proverbs 24:11-12 commands the people of God to stand up for those who are being persecuted.

Jesus Christ is identified as more than just a savior, teacher and sacrifice. He is called the King of Kings, and when Isaiah tells of the coming of Jesus, he says "the government shall be upon His shoulder." (Isaiah 9:6) And yes, Jesus did force His will on both the nation of Israel and on other nations. Jesus and His Father are one, and the Law is certainly a set of standards His people were supposed to follow. Jesus confirms the Law in Matthew 5:18, and we see throughout the Old Testament where God pronounces judgment upon the nations of earth. We also see the judgment of God on Herod when he was eaten by worms.

There are many things Christians are commanded to do, and not everyone is called to be involved in politics. It displays complete ignorance of Scripture, however, to claim that that Jesus set an example as someone not involved in politics and that Christians are required to follow that example.