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Barack Hussein Obama on abortion

By Scott Tibbs, February 5, 2008

When Christianity Today asked Barack Hussein Obama about abortion, Obama took 268 words to say absolutely nothing. This is not surprising at all, and reveals Obama to be little more than yet another politician who says a lot about generic "values" while hiding from the specifics of his beliefs. Is this the man who wants to bring "change" to Washington?

The "I'm personally opposed to abortion, but..." line has been used repeatedly, by disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton, failed 2004 presidential candidate John F. Kerry, and former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan. It is as disingenuous when used by Obama as it was when used by the other three men. Why does Obama want "to make abortion less common"? Why is abortion a "wrenching, difficult issue"? Why do women, as Obama says, "struggle with it fervently"? Come on, people, do we really not know the answer to that question? Here is a hint:

Abortion is a "wrenching, difficult issue" because we know that a human being, growing and developing inside his mother's womb, is ripped apart limb from limb by the abortionist. People "struggle with it fervently" because they know there is real human suffering and real human death. Obama claims to want to "make abortion less common" because millions of voters, including many Democrats, recognize abortion for what it is, whether Barack Hussein Obama does or not. It is no accident that Democrats recruited pro-life candidates like Brad Ellsworth and Joe Donnelly to run for Congress in 2006, especially after "values voters" helped Bush hang on in 2004.

Obama does not even appear to know what his own position is. He says that "women are in the best position to make a decision" about abortion, and then immediately says there should be "significant constraints". Yet, when Obama had an opportunity to impose reasonable constraints on abortion, he voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion. As many pro-life organizations have documented in the past, the "health" exception Obama clings to is nothing but a scam to rip the guts out of a ban on partial-birth abortion.

Barack Hussein Obama is a charismatic, relatively young man who will be on the national stage for a long time to come. If he loses to Hillary Clinton in the primaries, he will be a serious contender in 2012 (should the Republicans retain the White House) or 2016. But do not allow yourself to be fooled by the rhetoric of change or the new direction that Obama promises. When you strip away the luster and take a hard look at Obama's record and positions on issues, you will see that putting him in the White House will just bring more of the same.