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A purge of the local GOP?

By Scott Tibbs, January 4, 2008

There was an interesting post on HeraldTimesOnline.com in the comment section the other day by a local Republican malcontent that I think merits a refutation. I re-posted the entire thing at Multi-Level Political Debate. My response to the individual with the pseudonym "T T" follows.
Can't blame Bush since he has only been in 7 years and the Republican have been losing for years with no hope in sight.
Not true. Republicans lost convincingly in 2004 and 2006, but had good years in 2000 and 2002. Two bad years do not a trend make. Republicans face an uphill battle in city elections based on voter registration numbers, so losses in 2003 (a status quo election that yielded the same results as 1999) and 2007 cannot be used as a measure of how effective the local GOP is.
Until there is a massive purge of nuts in this party, they will not win any seats.
OK, fine. How does this "moderate" suggest this be done? Does she favor telling the "right wingers" that we're not needed as volunteers? Telling us we're not welcome at party functions? Even if we're frozen out, does she REALLY think we're going to be quiet? Does this "moderate" think I am going to be quiet even if I never lift a finger to volunteer for another Republican? What exactly does she suggest the GOP chairman DO to shut us up?

These so-called "moderates" throw repeated tantrums because of Bud Bernitt's calls into the Afternoon Edition and my letters to the editor. Someone with the handle "S J B" (almost certainly likely the same person) said back in October that my "loud mouth scares Republicans from voting Republican and from giving campaign and party donations!"

This, of course, is ridiculous. If this person truly thinks that I cost the local GOP votes or donations, she is deluding herself. I would be shocked if more than 10% of people in Monroe County even recognize the name "Scott Tibbs", and the number is most likely less than 5%. I'm really not that important.
This is an educated electorate and the fellow from the westside of town, Mr. Meadows, who can't take care of his teeth,certainly can't take care of my city.
Wow, that's a mature and intelligent way to cast your vote. Someone has a physical imperfection, so they can't possibly serve as an effective member of the city council. All this so-called "moderate" has managed to do here is prove herself to be a shallow, petty, bitter malcontent who throws a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants.

Of course, "T T" (and her allies) are not "moderates" at all. A complete lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints is anything but moderate. Advocating that someone be silenced because he says things you believe to be counterproductive to getting Republicans elected is not a "moderate" position. To ad a hypocrisy cherry on the sundae of totolitarianism, it is so-called "moderates" like "T T" who whine and cry endlessly about party unity.

Finally, it is notable that "T T" used a pseudonym when making her complaints. It is very easy to take cheap shots at real people from behind a fake name. If "T T" (or any of her many, many pseudonyms) had any integrity whatsoever, she would put her name on what she writes. If "T T" has a worthwhile point, why is she not willing to be held accountable by name in a public forum?