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More lies from Brodhead the Blockhead

By Scott Tibbs, October 2, 2007

Sometimes, I am literally stunned by the blatant, brazen, bold-faced lies that public figures will spout in order to spin something their way. Such is the case with Duke University President Richard Brodhead, who apologized "for not better supporting the men's lacrosse players falsely accused in last year's highly publicized rape scandal", according to CBS News.

Richard Brodhead is a despicable liar. He was at the front of the line to lynch these young men for a crime they did not commit, and he knows it. Let's review, thanks to an article from WRAL:

“We have decided that the right and fair thing to do is to welcome back Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty to resume their studies at Duke for the spring semester," Duke University President Richard Brodhead said in a written statement released Wednesday afternoon.

Both students were barred from attending class last semester while their case made its way through court but were allowed to continue with their academic coursework.
"Not better supporting" the students, Brodhead? You punished them on the basis of a complete fabrication. Brodhead the Blockhead is no better than Mike Nifong. Every single day that he serves as President of Duke University tarnishes the university's reputation and damages its credibility as an institution of higher learning. Brodhead should have been fired months ago for his corrupt behavior.