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An open letter to the Friday lunch mole

By Scott Tibbs, September 15, 2007

Dear Mole,

For a few years now, I have watched as you have attended the weekly conservative Friday Lunch Bunch and then ran to one Internet discussion board or another to gossip about what happened there. You have personally attacked two different chairmen of the Monroe County Republican Party, attacked various Republican candidates for elective office, attacked others who attend the lunch, and spread malicious personal gossip about me. All the while, you have bitched endlessly about party unity and how Republicans should not attack Republican candidates.

Your hypocrisy is simply unbelievable. How can you complain with a straight face about Republicans being "disloyal" when you trash Republican after Republican while hiding behind a fake name on the Internet? There is no one in the local Republican Party who is more divisive and disloyal than you are, Mole. You are a bitter old hag with nothing in your life other than tearing other people down. If you were not such a nasty, despicable person, I would feel sorry for you. How miserable your life must be.

You have absolutely no integrity. You come to the Friday Lunch Bunch and pretend to be an ally, a friend. The minute someone says something you do not like, you run to the Internet, put on a mask like the sniveling coward you are, and stab that person in the back. Let me ask you, What kind of person pretends to be a conservative and then attacks people working to advance a conservative agenda on a forum where Leftists (including some very high level Democrat Party activists) are the majority? On a more basic level, what kind of person is a friend to your face, and an enemy behind your back? You have the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old-girl in a middle school clique

This past Friday, I had a printout of your post on Monroe-Bloomington-Talk.com trashing Republican Party Chairman Franklin Andrew. I was prepared to call you out, and challenge you to stand by your words or get up and leave. The man who organized the FLB asked me not to do that. I disagree with the reasoning behind that request, but I refrained. I have a great deal of respect for this good and honorable man. Because of that respect, I held my tongue. It is too bad you show him disrespect every time you try to fracture and splinter this group with backbiting, divisiveness and malicious personal gossip from behind your pseudonym.

The Friday Lunch group, bursting with energy and enthusiasm just a few years ago, is hurting. There were only nine people at lunch yesterday. Once a diverse group of Republicans, Libertarians, independents and conservative Democrats, the group is a shadow of its former self. You are a large part of that. Your bitterness and backbiting has driven off several people. I have missed many times over the last few months because of you and your kind. I am a very genuine person, and it is exceedingly difficult for me to pretend that the people in that room are my friends (or at least my allies) when I know one of them is going to stab me in the back at some point.

I don't know who you are, though several people have suggested what your identity is. Interestingly enough, all of the suggestions point to the same name - but because I don't have solid evidence I have refrained from "outing" you thus far. But I am challenging you, as a human being, to finally show some integrity. You hate the group and you hate the people there, so why do you bother to come? Do you really think that we want to associate with someone we can't trust? Either step out from behind the pseudonym and be publicly accountable for what you say, or leave the group.

Sadly, I think we all know what your choice is going to be.