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Duke Lacrosse Team exonerated

By Scott Tibbs, April 13, 2007

Three members of the lacrosse team at Duke University were exonerated on Tuesday, with all charges against them dropped by North Carolina's attorney general. On some level, justice has been done because these men will not go to prison for a crime they did not commit. However, there will never be true justice unless both Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum are both behind bars.

As I have said in the past, Mike Nifong is a rapist. He defecated on the Constitution to advance his own selfish political ambitions. Nifong attempted to use this case to catapult himself to national fame and to galvanize the black vote in Durham behind him. He engaged in serious misconduct by hiding evidence from the defense team and manipulating a photo line up to guarantee the answer he wanted.

On September 11, 2001, Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 people. The ultimate goal of these terrorists and their allies is a Muslim theocracy and the complete and utter destruction of our Constitution, our freedoms and our way of life. Over the course of the last year, Mike Nifong has been an ally of Osama bin Laden as Nifong has attempted to railroad men who have committed no crime.

The Duke Lacrosse case is about far more than 46 young men falsely accused of a crime or the three young men whom Nifong raped. This case is about fundamental principles of justice, and the principles of limited government and individual liberty. One of the primary safeguards of our liberty is the protections we have if accused of a crime. It is absolutely critical, therefore, that prosecutors be held accountable for misconduct. If Mike Nifong is not put behind bars for his crimes against our Constitution, then our liberty will have suffered a serious wound.

But some will not let go of this case. The BBC article on the case includes the following paragraph:

The BBC's Justin Webb, in Washington, says the charges had outraged many Americans, reminding them of the treatment of black people by privileged whites in years gone by.

Repeat after me: there was no crime. This was a complete fabrication by Crystal Gail Mangum, pursued by an ambitious, reckless and treasonous prosecutor. What possible reason is there for this statement? There is nothing for people to be outraged about, other than the crimes of Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum.

I cannot help but wonder, however, how this case would have turned out if not for a blogosphere that repeatedly savaged and discredited both Nifong and Mangum, and dedicated journalists like Wendy McElroy. If not for the Internet, would three men have been put in prison by a thoroughly corrupt "prosecutor"? These are questions that every American who loves liberty must ask himself. The future of our country may depend on the answer.