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More on the fabricated charges of "rape" at Duke

By Scott Tibbs, February 12, 2007

In her Fox News column, feminist Susan Estrich offers a legitimate complaint that real victims of rape will suffer for the crimes committed by Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum. On this point, Estrich hits a perfect bulls-eye; the inevitable backlash is unfortunate and makes the behavior of Mangum & Nifong even more despicable.

What's interesting is that Estrich places virtually no blame on Mangum, but instead throws Nifong under the bus again. Yes, Nifong is an easy scapegoat. I have said in the past that he should be behind bars - his direct assault on the Constitution is nothing short of treasonous.

But Crystal Gail Mangum should not be absolved of blame here. She is the one who fabricated the charges and stuck to them while Mike Nifong raped the entire Duke lacrosse team.

Crystal Gail Mangum is every bit as guilty as Nifong.

Wendy McElroy comments on the case as well, wondering why the "Duke 3" continue to be libeled as rapists when it is so clear that they committed no crime on that night last March. The answer: feminist politics - although "feminazi" might be a more appropriate term for a group determined to lynch three innocent men.

While Wendy Murphy and her cabal have the First Amendment right to spout their deranged theories on this case, they do not have the right to federal funding. Every penny of tax money that goes to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center should be cut off. The "Duke 3" and their families should not have the money they pay in federal income tax go to a group determined to destroy their lives and reputations.

President Bush should, by executive order, eliminate all funding for the NSVRC and denounce the lynch-mob mentality funded by the taxes of the victims.