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Another option offered

Herald-Times, June 12, 2007

To the editor:

Abortion has been a divisive issue in national and state government (where legislation can be considered to regulate the procedure) for over 30 years. We can expect that will continue for the foreseeable future. That divisiveness does not need to extend to the local level, however.

Planned Parenthood, Americaís No. 1 abortion provider, has chosen to make abortion a political issue with Bloomington city government by applying for corporate welfare for the past nine consecutive years. For eight years now, they have gotten handout after handout from city government. Planned Parenthood knows that many in this community oppose them, but seeks to force pro-life taxpayers to contribute to an organization they strongly disagree with.

This trend does not have to continue this year. On June 20, the Bloomington City Council will vote on a funding package for the Jack Hopkins social services program. As I explained in my letter last month, the city council has another option. Instead of giving scarce social service monies to an organization that does not need it and only seeks a political endorsement, the city council should work with county government to provide necessary reproductive health services though the county Health Departmentís family planning clinic.

Scott Tibbs.