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City Council should not fund Planned Parenthood

Herald-Times, May 15, 2007

To the editor:

Planned Parenthood has applied for another grant from city government, requesting $5,300 for a voucher program.

Tax funding for Planned Parenthood has been controversial for several years, because PP performs abortions at its South College facility. For over a decade, Planned Parenthood has been performing abortions on Thursdays. While the abortion rate has been declining nationally, the annual number of abortions has actually been increasing in Monroe County.

As a taxpayer, I object to city government funding an organization that performs abortions, which are the destruction of an innocent human life. At the stage of development when Planned Parenthoodís abortionist kills them, these lives are not simply a mass of cells. They are visibly human, although very small and at the earliest stages of development.

There is another option. Instead of funding Planned Parenthood, the City Council can instead work with county government to provide the same services and the same program at the county Health Departmentís family planning clinic. This presents an opportunity for local units of government to work together to provide the reproductive health services that women need without offending the consciences of thousands of taxpayers who object to having their money go to an abortion provider.

Scott Tibbs.