Scott Tibbs
Open letter to State Senator Vi Simpson
March 7, 2007

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Scientific fact is not religious dogma

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From: Scott Tibbs <>
Subject: Providing information about abortion
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 19:35:09 -0800 (PST)

Senator Simpson,

I am disappointed that you helped kill legislation that "would have required Indiana doctors to tell a woman seeking an abortion that the fetus might feel pain and that life begins at conception", according to the Indianapolis Star. I disagree with the language you introduced broadly defining contraception "as anything that prevents pregnancy before a fertilized egg can attach itself to the uterine wall."

The problem with the language that you introduced is that it ignores scientific fact. An embryo is not created when it attaches itself to the uterine wall; an embryo is created when sperm and egg join to form a new human life. From that point forward, that human being can grow and develop through the stages of life with proper nutrition and shelter. If this were not the case, the whole debate over embryonic stem cell research would be meaningless.

Betty Cockrum of Planned Parenthood complained that the Senate is trying to push "religious dogma". I suggest that Ms. Cockrum become more familiar with her own organization. Planned Parenthood's own web site admits that so-called Emergency Contraception "may also work by altering the endometrium to inhibit implantation." When implantation is prevented, the newly-formed human life is destroyed because it us denied the nutrition he or she needs to survive.

I do not understand why anyone would oppose giving women considering an abortion more information about the subject. It is certainly possible that a fetus could feel pain during the procedure. That life begins when an embryo is formed (not when an embryo implants itself) is scientific fact. Requiring this information be presented in no way restricts the "right" to choose abortion. While politics is always at the center of any legislative measure on abortion, it is unfortunate that politics has derailed an effort to make women more informed.

I urge you to withdraw your amendment so that the Senate can vote on this needed bill.

Scott Tibbs