Scott Tibbs
Printed in the Bloomington Herald-Times
February 22, 2007

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Where was the coverage?

To the editor:

Orchids to the people who organized, and planned, the 2007 Rally for Life. I appreciate all of the efforts to publicize and execute a very successful event.

Onions to The Herald-Times, which for some reason decided to ignore the annual show of support for protecting all innocent human life from fertilization to natural death. The Herald-Times did not even bother to send a reporter.

A protest a week and a half earlier provides an interesting contrast. On Jan. 12, the H-T published a front-page article complete with huge photographs of a rally that drew (drum roll, please) 13 people. H-T reporter Sarah Morin described the protest as “last minute.”

The 2007 Rally for Life, meanwhile, drew about 130 people, 10 times the number who attended the protest. In addition, The Herald-Times was notified of the rally two weeks before the event. There is no reason that the area’s main newspaper could not spare a reporter and a photographer for two hours on a Sunday afternoon.

The 2007 Rally for Life did not go unreported, but it is unfortunate that the only way to read about the event was to log on to

Scott Tibbs